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Video, colour, sound, 7’44’’, 2008

Artistic procedures become very clear in the video investigating room 45 (2008); one might describe it as an homage and parody of the television crime drama. The viewer sees a woman moving through a building, climbing steps, looking out of windows, and measuring the rooms with her steps. The camera follows the woman, from time to time taking over her perspective. The eye of the camera, however, maintains a kind of neutrality. But the more we think we can see, the less clear and more uncanny the story becomes. The view from the window through the closed curtains stands for this strategy. The more the camera focuses outside, the more the image blurs. The narration does not follow ordered, linear pathways. The irrational in the catastrophic is experienced through disordered, centrifugal, constantly recurring narrative strands. Such narrative structures that take up the irrationality of the dream – the human psyche – function associatively; they are to be read as metaphors for emotional states. Here the normally subconscious visual codes of the video become pronounced as the viewer is meant to decode the images by forcing a reading through his/her own stored sequences culled from television and cinema (or photo-series respectively). However, this practice can never be accomplished fully.

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