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Architecture in a narrower sense than everything that is built and in a broader sense than what is built and what is inserted and added into the built is neither pure material nor pure form. Nor is there any causality between what an intentio auctoris provides for and what man does with it. The constructors lose control over what they have made after production. This is because it has an agent character that, detached from the first intention, forces actions, offers actions or seduces actions. New performativities overlap form and material and generate new and different objects. The initial rules are only a proposal. They no longer apply. Life overgrows the hygiene of architectural photography, which has removed it from form.

In the third edition of Wege zum Museum, the overgrowth of form is to be documented, occupied and offered. It is a program against explicit and implicit rules, against hygiene and for wealth: overgrowth of form. On the performativity of architecture.